GENRE:  Sci Fi  Adventure

LOGLINE:  A successful children’s author takes her kids to her childhood home for the summer, only to discover the characters, and creatures, from her books are terrifyingly real.

CREATURES is modern take on the classic kids adventure movies of the 1980’s.

STATUS:  Produced by Soumya Sunderesh of Citrusmuse Productions, Deepak Nayar (DREDD) and Tabrez Noorani (Love Sonia). Directed by Kyle Newman (Fanboys, Barely Lethal)



GENRE:  Crime Thriller

LOGLINE:  The popular landlord of the Red Horse Pub is locking up when he gets caught in the middle of a deadly turf war between rival gangland families.

LOCK-IN is an exciting trip into the criminal underworld.

STATUS:  Completed screenplay optioned by Animus Pictures



GENRE:  Horror

LOGLINE:  In the aftermath of a war between humankind and the undead, a zombie "newborn" joins a human woman on a journey through a desolate world, hunted by vengeful cannibals, as they search for sanctuary.

LAST OF THE DEAD offers a unique twist on the zombie genre.

STATUS:  Completed screenplay now available on The Blacklist. Judged in top 10% of screenplays by The Academy Nicholl Fellowship Awards.



GENRE:  Action Thriller

LOGLINE:  Following an epidemic that has wiped out most of Mankind, survivors Mark and Rachel have laid claim to a small island sanctuary, but when pirates lay siege, they must protect their home by any means necessary.

THE ARK is a gritty survival story set in an all too possible future.

STATUS:  Completed screenplay available on request.



GENRE:  Crime Thriller

LOGLINE:  A homeless ex-soldier finds hope in the form of the reclusive Maggie. When her new friend is attacked by a street gang, Charlie will exact bloody revenge on those responsible.

SCAVENGER is a powerful story of vengeance and redemption featuring a female protagonist.

STATUS:  Completed screenplay optioned by Animus Pictures



GENRE:  Horror

LOGLINE:  A rebellious teenager with telekinetic powers is abducted by an evil cult intent on using her as a vessel for the Devil himself.

MALEVOLENT is 70’s style old school horror but presents a fresh take on the possession movie.

STATUS:  Co-Written by Andrew David Barker. Completed Screenplay available on request.



GENRE: Horror

LOGLINE:  A shy loner with a dark secret falls in love with a troubled girl, but before he can be with her, he must murder the vampire sibling he keeps prisoner in the attic. 

FLESH & BLOOD is a tale of lust and murder set over a single night.

STATUS: Completed screenplay available on request.